Replica Christian Louboutin retrospective

Christian Louboutin ‘s trademark red soles have become sartorial shorthand for a certain level of style, money and dedication to high heels. The Design Museum celebrates his 20-year career with a retrospective of his work.


While Louboutin may have first opened the doors to his Parisian shoe salon in 1991, it wasn’t until a year later that, feeling something was missing from a prototype, he reached for his assistant’s bottle of red nail polish to add a flourish of scarlet to the sole.

Elevator pitch A chance for the little people to get up close and personal with the work of fashion’s favorite cord wainer.

It’s largely shoes like these – but very expensive ones – that have kept the Parisian Christian Louboutin in business for the past 20 years, and now the Design Museum has devoted an exhibition to them. It presents an interesting conundrum. If the same museum were to mount an exhibition of, say, vacuum cleaners that didn’t pick up dust, we would simply laugh at it. Here, unarguably, is a display of shoes and boots that aren’t made for walking in, unless by “walking” you mean covering the few yards from taxi to nightclub door.

But we all know that: all the fans of Christian Louboutin will support Christian Louboutin forever!

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